Saturday, May 15, 2010

WOLF Review: Home//Away

I put together this compilation for the Wolf Review (Literary Journal) released just this month. It is composed of alternating bands/projects from Fayetteville or those that have traveled through. This is for Wolf Review's second issue, go check it out and order it at their website. here's the tracklisting and a link to download the comp.

Motorbikes- How to Execute?
Fire Don't Care- Consequence No Consequence
Netherfriends- More Than Friends Who Like Good Music
Timber!- Blue Lips
Power Animal- Untitled
Niall- No Nature
Woodsman- Chants
The Kicker Knot- Foreign Math
Daniel Francis Doyle- How Can You Work?
Messy Sparkles- Thank God
No One Conquered Wyoming- Splitfoot
Oicho Kabu- Mateus E O Rabanete
Memphis Pencils- Like Toast and Tolerance
The New Heaven and the New Earth- St. Valentine (alt. version)
Where's Lawrence?- The Voice

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