Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gkfoes Vjgoaf- Magic Days

Wonderful lo-fi psych.
Not much more to say about this record, except that it will certainly make you lose your head. Noise tracks, pop tracks, animal tracks, railroad tracks, heroin tracks, every track you could imagine, all in one album.
This one is weird.
This one is recommended.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

WOLF Review: Home//Away

I put together this compilation for the Wolf Review (Literary Journal) released just this month. It is composed of alternating bands/projects from Fayetteville or those that have traveled through. This is for Wolf Review's second issue, go check it out and order it at their website. here's the tracklisting and a link to download the comp.

Motorbikes- How to Execute?
Fire Don't Care- Consequence No Consequence
Netherfriends- More Than Friends Who Like Good Music
Timber!- Blue Lips
Power Animal- Untitled
Niall- No Nature
Woodsman- Chants
The Kicker Knot- Foreign Math
Daniel Francis Doyle- How Can You Work?
Messy Sparkles- Thank God
No One Conquered Wyoming- Splitfoot
Oicho Kabu- Mateus E O Rabanete
Memphis Pencils- Like Toast and Tolerance
The New Heaven and the New Earth- St. Valentine (alt. version)
Where's Lawrence?- The Voice